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carbon golf shaft

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putter shaft


putter shaft

IMIDE AND SUNS putter shaft is a shaft that changes the common accepted standard of the industry, by making the shafts hardness (flex) of the whole set consistent. The putter, used after irons shots, is also designed to have the same swing comfort, increasing operability and to help improve the stability of the stroke.

Ryuji Masaoka Japanese Pro comments on IMIDE AND SUNS putter shaft

“It’s great because the distance matches”

Have used carbon putter shaft in the past, but was not up to this level.
In every shot the ball rolled the way you want it too, and became able to match the distance.
My percentage on getting putting image on over 2yrd shots has increased and
I do not take wild guess shots anymore. It’s great.

Flex Consistency = (hardness consistency of the shafts )

During a round of golf, a player can have a perfect shot but make a mistake shot during putting, or to have a perfect approach but the score over par do to poor putting
strokes.Also with the putter, based on the “Flex Consistency” (hardness consistency) concept, we design the putter shaft to have the same swing comfort, increased
operability and to help improve the stability of the stroke. Playing round of golf with 14-set FC shafts, will help you appreciate and enjoy golf more and will be powerful
aid in increasing your score.


Specifications Table


*Recommended putter specifications (set based on the Iron specifications.)
*Regarding our putter shaft, please note that it requires installation of putter head.

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