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carbon golf shaft

Product InformationHaute Couture Design Series

haute couture ※ The Haute Couture Design Series is available at Shiba Kouen Lab and Umeda Lab (our company stores) only.

※ The Haute Couture Design Series is available at Shiba Kouen Lab and Umeda Lab (our company store) only.

Haute Couture Design Series

haute couture

seven dreamers has developed this model using 3-D measurements and FEM analysis.
Each shaft is one of a kind as it is designed especially for the user.

haute couture design 3D system

We measure your swing 3-dimensionally and determine an amount of whipping and distortion, adding data of a head which you plan to use.
3D system

FEM Analysis

Based on the data from the 3-D measurements, we simulate the stress on each part of the shaft to determine the right one for our customers.
※ *FEM (Finite Element Method) is the method by which the breakdown of complex analysis of each part is used to estimate approximate solutions for the whole.
This method is also applied in various areas such as structural mechanics and fluid dynamics.

By measuring your swing 3-dimensionally, we can ascertain the amount of bending and twisting in the shaft and, based on that data, match the shaft with the club head you will use.
  • a motion capture sensor

    The customer takes a swing with a shaft equipped with a motion capture sensor. The behaviour of the shaft is dissected and analysed every 3 cm.

  • visualized

    Acceleration of the shaft up to the point of impact is visualized.

  • the optimum whip and distortion

    We look for the optimal bending and twisting of the shaft that is consistent with your swing.

Store Locations

If you are considering purchasing any of our products, please visit your nearest showroom.
The haute couture design Series is available at Tokyo Shibaura and Hyogo Shukugawa only.