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carbon golf shaft

Product Information Haute Couture Design Series

haute couture design series



The Premium aims to take light weight and carry distance to the the limit by making full use of space technology, as well as the ultimate carbon materials and molds. It is fabricated from CFRP using special carbon fibers found only in state-of-the-art space technology development– such as for satellites — where ultra-high precision is required. The molds that we use contain “super invar alloy,” an ultra-low thermal expansion material. Every Premium shaft is designed from scratch specifically for each individual customer.
Each shaft is one of a kind, and upon completion we deliver a part of the mold to you in a special carbon case.
The Premium strives to be very best in every way.

Ultimate carbon golf club shaft

Every single shaft in the seven dreamers haute couture series is carefully designed for each of our customers. In pursuit of the ultimate shaft, the Premium is fabricated by applying all of seven dreamers’ technical capabilities and materials research results. Three factors (described below) determine the performance of a golf club shaft. The Premium has taken perfect control of all three factors to provide the ultimate golf club shaft.
1 Laminate Design

We design an optimum carbon laminate based on the data of your swing obtained from test hitting.

2 Void (Foam) Control

Voids generated in a shaft is one of the causes of the significant drop in shaft performance.
seven dreamers prevents voids from being generated by applying high pressure during the shaping of a shaft to vacuum the inside of the mold. 

3 Resin Content Rate Control

If the content of the resin that binds the carbon fibers is uneven, characteristics of the shaft will be unstable. 
seven dreamers applies high pressure evenly during the formation of a shaft by utilizing our special vacuuming technique to ensure stability.

Types of Shafts
Manufacturing Method
Laminate Design
State of Void
State of Resin Content
General Carbon Shaft Haute Couture Premium
Tightening with shrinkable tape
Seven Dreamers manufacturing method(Steel mold) Seven Dreamers manufacturing method(super invar alloy mold)
No individual design
Shaft design tailored to each customer Shaft design tailored to each customer
Not controlled Highly controlled Fully controlled
Not controlled
Highly controlled Fully controlled

Ultimate Metallic Molding 

seven dreamers designs molds for golf club shafts by tailoring each one to our customers.
For this purpose, we use a metal with a high coefficient of thermal expansion for the inner shells, and a metal with a low coefficient of thermal expansion for the outer shell. The inner and outer shells are built one by one in line with the design tailored to each customer.
Super invar alloy is the finest premium alloy with nearly zero coefficient of thermal expansion. The inner shell employs aluminum alloy with a high coefficient of thermal expansion.
Since the mold is evenly heated, coefficients of thermal expansion of both inner and outer shells are even. As the result, the golf club shaft in the mold is evenly exposed to very high pressure. 
This is how the Premium, the ultimate golf club shaft whose voids and resin content are fully controlled, comes into being.
Ultimate Metallic Molding
Types of Shafts
Outer / inner molds
Pressure applied to product
General carbon shafts Haute Couture Premium
Forming by
shrinkable tape
Steel / aluminum Super invar alloy /
Aluminum alloy
Formed at 3 to 5 atm, which causes variations in quality About 2 times higher About 5 times higher

Store Locations

If you are considering purchasing any of our products, please visit your nearest showroom.
The haute couture design Series is available at Tokyo Shibaura and Hyogo Shukugawa only.