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carbon golf shaft

seven dreamers caddie bag 2016.2 debut


seven dreamers’ carbon fiber stucture is a space quality material used in space satellites.
Our plan is to use this one of a kind material & change the concept of caddie bags.

The structure of the spine in the human body is important in supporting the body’s weight.
This can also apply to the caddie bag.

The inspiration that led to the development of the bag came from strong & durable
concepts of a trunk case, since the caddie bag containing the owner’s valuable shafts,
will need to withstand the impacts during transportation the same way.

The bag uses seven dreamers’ carbon structure called T-SYSTEM,
that gives it a sturdy and beautiful frame structure.
Striped off of any unnecessary accessories, the bag is filled with a detailed look.

Luxurious like a handicraft, the bag imparts an overwhelming presence.

Our pursuit of creativity is for the golfer who understands genuine material.
We want the joy of owning to be reflected into the joy of playing.

For your overwhelming presence.


Type | 10
Frame opening | 6 division
Material | Cow Leather, other materials for customize service.
Weight | 7kg
Made in | Japan
Price | depending on contents of custom service.
* Possible to change the specifications until purchase. For more information, please contact us.


In the same way as the full order-made golf shafts,
it is possible to customize the caddie bag based on customers’ preferences.

3 types of luxy leather are choosealble

The bag comes in three (3) types of leather.
High-quality leathers selected by seven dreamers are used to make the bags.

Original parts from seven dreamers are used and hand-made by Japanese professional craftsman.

Material choices
Can choose the body martial & color of the caddie bag

Material | Smooth leather (Cow leather)
Feature | Cow leather with elegant luster
Color | Emerald black / masculine grey

Material | Semi-aniline leather (Cow leather)
Feature | Cow leather retaining natural appearance
Color | Matte black / caramel

Material | Crocodile embossed leather (Cow leather)
Color | Sapphire Black / excellent brown

Parts selections
Custom parts such as fasteners are available to perfectly match the color of the bag.
*Please contact us for details.

Head cover + (head cover plus)
With head cover set contains 3 pieces (#1, #3, #5) matched with the material of the bag.
*Head covers are for sale separately. Special customized head covers are available for caddie bag owners.
Head cover for #7, #9 also available.

Start from here
seven dreamers caddie bags are prefectlly ready for you.
Moreover, more customize options for upgrade are coming soon.

seven dreamers caddie bag is always evolving to become your favorite bag
– the bag worth expecting.


contact here

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The haute couture design Series is available at Tokyo Shibaura and Hyogo Shukugawa only.