(Directly Translated from Japanese)

(Minato, Tokyo) I.S.T. Corporation launched a new brand “IMIDE AND SUNS” to promote golf shaft business. The material brand company I.S.T. has acquired the business from Seven Dreamers Laboratories, Inc. on November 16th, 2018, and launched manufacturing and sales of fully ordered golf shafts as I.S.T.

The company engages R&D and manufacturing high-performance materials used in multiple fields and development themes. We are focusing on developing new applications using polyimide, high-heat-resistant resin used in aerospace industries. And, we have succeeded in developing new polyimide super fiber that can replace carbon fiber called “IMIDETEX®”.

The new golf shaft division actively uses new developed materials and technologies. And, we aim to develop new products not only for sport goods industries, also for construction, automotive, and aerospace industries by using these resources. I.S.T. aims to use the new materials and technologies that will eventually use in standard resources. As first step of the mission, we promote our new golf shaft business.

The new brand “IMIDE AND SUNS” inherits the advanced technology and quality cultivated by Seven Dreamers Laboratories, Inc. And by applying new resources from I.S.T., we will provide new era’s for golf shafts that go above and beyond customer’s satisfaction.

■ Brand Logo
The name IMIDE AND SUNS, comes from the word “imide” which I.S.T is known to work well with, and plan apply that knowledge gained to golf shaft to provide all golfers a “brighter sunnier” golf lifestyle.
“IMIDE AND SUNS” will make dreams come true with the theme of the fusion of chemistry and nature.
“Makes The Impossible Possible”

■ Profile of I.S.T. Corporation
I.S.T. is a creative company that continues to develop unique materials and components in various fields and makes the impossible possible. Founded in 1983 as a company that sells high-value-added technologies, it developed incombustible fibers with unconventional functions. As a result, I.S.T. obtained a high reputation and demand as fire protection materials for industrial and architectural applications.
In 1991, the company released the world’s first seamless polyimide tube for toner fixing unit, and it made a revolution for the printer industry. These products still hold a 40% share, and I.S.T. is top manufacturer worldwide.

Besides, we have been creating various unique materials, i.e., super fibers with high heat resistance and UV resistance, flexible transparent films for OEL displays, composites with high strength and heat resistance used for aerospace industries.
Moreover, we developed high-performance resins to be our products and manufacturing facilities.