TOKYO – November 19, 2018 – Seven Dreamers (official name: seven dreamers laboratories, inc.; head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Shin Sakane), a technology group dedicated to creating totally novel, world-first products, has reached agreement with I.S.T Corporation (head office: Shiga Prefecture; CEO: Toshiko Sakane) on the transfer in entirety of its fully order-made carbon golf shaft business to I.S.T. The two companies have signed a contract concerning transfer of the business on November 16, 2018.

1. Background
Seven Dreamers has long engaged in the development of totally novel products irrespective of business fields with the aim of providing technologies that enrich people’s lives. After beginning development in 2012, the company launched its first carbon business sales in Japan in March 2014 as Seven Dreamers. It has actively expanded this business to China, Southeast Asia, USA, and other countries, and has developed a large following among golfers.
Seven Dreamers decided to transfer its business to I.S.T Corporation because it felt that I.S.T with its outstanding R&D capabilities in the field of high-performance materials would be able to further hone the development of its carbon golf shaft products, and contribute something fresh to golfers’ enjoyment of the sport by probing the possibilities for providing new services. Please note that even after transfer of the business, Seven Dreamers will continue to be the brand name of the carbon golf shafts, and product and service operations will remain unchanged.

2. Outline of company to which business will be transferred
Name: I.S.T Corporation
Address: 5-13-13 Ichiriyama, Otsu, Shiga 520-2153 Japan
Representative: CEO Toshiko Sakane
Established: June 1983
Main business activities:
Research, development and manufacture of new materials and products including polyimide resins and other high-performance polymer materials, functional components for office automation equipment, textile materials and products, nonflammable fiber materials and products using them, and measuring instruments

3. Date of business transfer
November 16, 2018

About seven dreamers laboratories, inc.
Seven Dreamers is a technology group dedicated to creating totally novel, world-first products. It is currently involved in domestic and overseas sales of nastent, a tube-shaped medical device that is inserted into the nasal passage to aid breathing during sleep by preventing obstruction of the airway, and in the development of Laundroid as the world’s first fully automatic laundry folding machine, a device that can free people from the everyday drudge of carrying, folding, and putting away clothing.

Head office : 1-4-28, Mita, Minato, Tokyo
President & CEO : Shin Sakane
Capital : JPY 8.7 billion (including capital reserve)
Website :

contact :
seven dreamers laboratories, inc. Public Relations Dept. (Misato Saho)
TEL|03-6453-7018 Email|

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